Ntcheu District Commissioner contented with Social Cash Transfer Program in the district.

Ntcheu District Commissioner, Francis Matewere says Social Cash Transfer program sponsored by the Irish Government is positively transforming people on economic and social development grounds in Ntcheu district.

A say comes after Ntcheu district council and Social welfare office visited Social Cash Transfer Program beneficiaries on Wednesday, 15th September 2021 in the district.

Materewe emphasized that more families in the district have registered remarkable achievements, for instance, building new houses, paying school fees for their children and practising livestock farming.

“We commend the Government of Malawi in partnership with Irish aid for supporting Ntcheu in this social cash transfer program. We came to witness success stories from some beneficiaries who have shown us their achievements, and as the council, we are pleased with the progress”, Matewere said.

However, Matewere further asked the government to at least intensify the transfer levels considering that the cost of living has also gone up.

 The Government of Malawi’s Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) is an unconditional transfer targeted to ultra-poor and labour-constrained households.


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