Police arrest four suspects linked to theft of motor vehicle accessories

By Ethel Sakala

Police in Lilongwe have arrested four suspected criminals for their alleged involvement in a spate of robberies of car accessories from motor vehicles parked in garages, public and private car parks in Lilongwe.

The suspects are 30-year-old Charles Chipi, Mayeso Kalizamazondo, 31, Ganiza Mpanje, 35 and Christopher Matewere, 35.

Central Region Police Spokesperson, Kingsley Dandaula said the arrests were made after Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers from Central Region Police Headquarters on patrols met the suspects at Cross Roads Hotel at around 19:00 hours on Sunday, armed with Panga knives and crowbars.

He said the suspects were taken to Lilongwe Police Station for questioning where they revealed that they were on their way to commit an offence at a certain garage within town.

He said the suspects also revealed to the officers the places where they have been committing the offences such as garages in Chipasula, Katete and in garages along Chidzanja Road.

Dandaula said police have recovered from the suspects ten alternators, ten distributors, three injectors, five starter motors, 54 coils, nine view mirrors, 39 leads, two computer boxes and one car battery all valued at about K5 million.

Investigations are underway to recover the car accessories.

Chipi hails from Kazembe Village, while Mpanje comes from Makaluka Village and Matewere hails from Mtekete Village, all from Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba and Kalizamazondo hails from Mlothera Village in T.A. Kalumbu in Lilongwe.

Police have since advised those whose car accessories were stolen to come to Lilongwe Police Station to check the recovered items.-Mana

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