Police calls for diligence in the service

ByGerald Fanuel – Mana.

Commissionerof Police for Central West Region, Peter Chasweka has urged Police Officers tobe diligent and professional in their work.

He madethe remarks on Thursday during his visit to Mchinji Police Station.

In aninterview, Chasweka said he came to have an interface with Mchinji PoliceStation officers and remind them of their duties to the public.

TheCommissioner said he wants Police Officers to be a good exemplary to the peoplethey serve.

“PoliceOfficers being the guardians of the laws, they should be the first to followthem not to break them,” Chasweka added.

Heencouraged Police Officers to follow all Covid-19 guidelines in order totransmit a positive message to the public.  

Chaswekasaid the issue of souring relationship between the police and public need to belook at and Malawi Police Service has embarked on a rebuilding process.

“WhereverPolice Officers are, people should take them as their people working for theirgood cause in protection of rights, public safety and order, and not asenemies,” he said.

Officer-In-Charge for Mchinji Police Station, George Chikhungu said Police Officers areencouraged to do their work with courage, diligent and with professionalism.


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