Muvi wa Chilungamo Pressure Group Members

By Vincent Gunde

Muvi wa Chilungamo” pressure group has said Malawians are coming from a history where politics has been dictating their lives and the pressure group was born to control  politicians.

The pressure group said it has given itself 3 years to change the mindset of people in their behavior and attitude.

The group said 57 political parties registered in Malawi and politicians are only in the positions to get rich through fraud making names the behavior that has made Malawi poor.

Speaking to the media a head of mindset change project launch on Friday, the group’s Pioneer of mindset change project, Bantu Saunders Jumah, said Malawi is a rich country in the SADC region but politicians have labelled it poor for the past 57 years of the country’s independence.

Jumah said Malawians need to change their mindset and there is a need to bring in a new mentality in politics

He said mindset change project has now started in many countries not only in Malawi but South Africa, Zambia and Lesotho aiming at changing people’s lives politically and socially.

“We are preaching mindset change to the masses, there’s no impossible thing in life, what is impossible will be possible if all people change their thinking capacity,” said Jumah.

He said Access to Information [ATI] Law was passed by the DPP government led by Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika but,Tonse Alliance government had to put it into action and said this is one example of mindset change which must be encouraged amongst Malawians.

However, Jumah expressed sadness with the street protests that are going on in Malawi reminding government to address the sky-rocketing prices of essential goods which have gone up making all Malawians to be at pain and suffering.

Jumah said Bon Kalindo is continuing organizing “Malawi Salibwino” demonstrations because government has chosen to remain silent on the issues presented to it saying “Muvi wa Chilungamo” pressure group will create a table where the two sides of Kalindo and government will meet on one table for solutions.









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