Salima Chiefs empowered on property rights and violence against PWD

By: Golden Kang’oma Junior – Mana

Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with the Malawi Council for the handicapped has drilled and empowered traditional leaders on property rights and violence against people living with disabilities (PWD) in Salima.

The organization under its project empowering the physically challenged, organized a two day training which was aimed at empowering chiefs with necessary knowledge on Wills and Inheritance Act as well as violence against people with disabilities.

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting recently, Habitat for Humanity Field Officer, Usen Wiseman said that they are concentrating on the risk regarding property grabbing that people face in the communities especially people with disabilities and orphans.

“Most of the physically challenged people and children are prone to property grabbing, so we realized that it is very important to empower chiefs with such knowledge because they are the custodians of the people.

“Chiefs are also much involved in many issues that deal with property grabbing and violence against people with disabilities,” said Wiseman.

He further said that with the knowledge that they have acquired they will be able to know what step to take when such issues arise in their communities,

In his sentiments, Salima First Grade Magistrate, Alex Kamtiki highlighted that the chiefs training on property rights will help enhance the chiefs’ knowledge on issues regarding Will and property grabbing as well as rights of people with disabilities.

“This will help ease quarrels that have been happening in the communities since most people will come to know about what they are supposed to do about such cases and report them to relevant authorities,” said Kamtiki.

Group Village Headman Gwengwe hailed Habitat for Humanity for the initiative saying it will help them know a lot of things they never knew as well as protect the rights of the physically challenged.

Habitat for Humanity this year has constructed one hundred and two houses for people with disabilities in the district.

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