By Brenda Sanudi – Mana

Advancing Girls Education in Africa (AGE Africa) has urged students in Mchinji district to have a sharing spirit of the little resources they have.

Mchinji AGE Africa District Officer, Lessinia Chikho made the call last Wednesday when Magawa Secondary School students under the organization’s ‘Creating Health Approaches to Success’(CHATS) project donated assorted items to Mchinji district hospital.

Chikho said despite the students having pressing needs, it is important that they also develop a generous spirit with the little they have so that they grow into responsible adults who can change their societies.

“As a way of giving back to the community, we encourage them to be responsible citizens by giving the little they have and I am impressed with these students because instead of meeting for CHATS today they decided to contribute their own items and visit the children’s ward at the hospital,” she said.

The students donated packets of sugar, tablets of washing and bathing soap, toilet tissues as well as packets of soya pieces.

Form four student, Susan Baja said they decided to make the donation at the hospital so they could give hope to the sick.

“We decided to contribute the little we have as students at the hospital so that we could encourage patients and guardians that all is not lost, they have people who count on them and would like to see them back on their feet,” Baja said.

One of the recipients of the items, Loveness Wongolani thanked the students for the kind gesture saying the items will help her a lot.

“I am so grateful for these items that I have received, may this spirit be with all others so they reach out to people in dire need like us in the hospital,” she said.

Currently, the organization has comprehensive scholarships where they pay school fees for secondary school needy students as well as provide basic needs. The organization also supports students in public universities with stipends as well as laptops.

Through CHATS, Age Africa has mobilized students who meet once every week after classes to discuss issues that affect them on a daily basis as well as grooming them on leadership skills and self-esteem.

Advancing Girls Education in Africa (AGE Africa) is working in nine districts in the southern and central regions of Malawi where they are implementing a four-year Phillip Morris (PMI) project.

Under CHATS in Mchinji, AGE Africa is working with Magawa, Mchinji, Mchinji Mission, Ludzi, and Chambidzi secondary schools.


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