Teaching Children Lawlessness and Rebellion….a Case of "Miss I Don't Know What I Can Talk"! As Winston Mwale writes, rule of "babes" is extremely dangerous

Government and law…these two bedrock principles underpin a healthy, stable nation and basic human interaction.

When one or both break down, society destabilizes.

Recently, children and teenagers in some district in the southern region went berserk pelting stones at a convoy of a state vice president…and were praised by some quarters.

These children skipped whatever chores they were assigned by their parents to commit truancy in broad day light.

They marched angrily, they screamed, and shouted, they threw all sorts of things at the convoy, uttering vulgar smears, irrational mantras and ridiculous opinions on the vice president.

But now what is truly appalling is that one “Miss I Don’t Know What I Can Talk”, who is a lawmaker herself, has exploded in support, praise and admiration of the truants.

In a video that has gone viral, “Miss I Don’t What I Can Talk” is seen writhing like leeches at a political rally, hauling denunciation of anyone accommodating opposition members in her area.

The scene depicts total incivility, lawlessness, and rebellion against government and law.

But we all know that when people at large scale reject authority and law, society fails.

“Miss I Don’t What I Can Talk” wants these wayward kids to believe that they can disrespect government, authority and law without any consequences…and even win society’s applause.

Reminds me of a prophecy in Isaiah 3:1-4, where God warns that he will replace quality leaders with children.

“And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”

Rule of “babes” is extremely dangerous.

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