Tonse Alliance pledges to change face of Mchinji

By Owen Zayambika – Mana.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Deputy Secretary General, Catherine Gotani Hara Tuesday assured people of Mchinji that the Tonse Alliance government would develop Mchinji district should it secure statehouse key in the forthcoming fresh Presidential polls.

She said it was worrisome that Chipata in Zambia was far much behind few years back, but has since made great strides and looks far much better than Mchinji.

Hara said, once in power, the Tonse Alliance government would ensure that the district wears a face that competes in outlook with Chipata Municipality in Zambia’s eastern province.

“It is disheartening that Mchinji being a border district does not have a proper market structure, not even a proper stadium like other districts like Dedza and Kasungu. So, Tonse Alliance is coming with full hope for this district.

” What was painful was the fact that Chipata was just a small district few years back, but it has grown bigger and better than Mchinji. Tonse Alliance will ensure that Mchinji wears its deserved glory as a border district,” Deputy Secretary General promised.

Hara reiterated the need to revamp the agriculture sector and that the Alliance was aware that Mchinji is an agricultural district.

She said Chakwera-Chilima government would ensure that everybody buys the 50 kilogramme bag of fertilizer at K4, 450.00.

Group Village Headman (GVH) Robert asked for the construction of school blocks to minimize number of children learning under tree shades in the district.

“Bua Primary School was established in early 1980’s, but until now the institution has learners having classes under trees. I ask you to consider bailing us out in ensuring that enough school blocks are erected,” he said.

The Tonse Alliance was conducting whistle-stop tours in the district where the Alliance’ President Lazarus Chakwera was expected to show up but was reportedly occupied with other duties and failed to make it.

The whistle stops started at Waliranji, embwe, Mchinji main town and Mkanda Trading centre in the district.


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