Unicaf University outshines in providing online learning education amidst covid 19

By Esnath Kalawe – Mana.

Considering that Ministry of Education launched online learning as schools are closed due to corona virus pandemic, Unicaf University Malawi(UUM) has tremendously shines in delivering online education as it continue engaging students.

As Malawi and other countries continues to deliver global online delivery of study as one precautionary measure to Corona virus preventive measure, Unicaf University articulate as tremendously shines in offering online education delivery.

Speaking during a media interface  The Deputy Vice Chancellor for UUM Dr Robert Ridley told journalists that the institution is committed in providing lessons to support education in Malawi and the rest of the world through online delivery despite the corona virus pandemic.

“For the past several years we have been making a lot of progresses, we now have almost 3000 students , we have 24 programmes , and 11 of those are accredited we also receive accreditation by BAC .

“The most important thing we have graduates at the end of the course. Recently we have just graduated 350 students with Masters Degree through online graduation due to corona virus.” Ridley explained

Ridley pointed out that despite that there is this corona they have been able to continue learning online and student have been  able to receive their degrees even though there is corona virus saying they still interact with students through electronic deliver,

“Through online the students once they register they have access to all teaching materials through videos, books, electronic library and they have full access to all the information they need as well as discussion groups to all the students.” He said

UUM Lecture Albert Kayange commends the online learning as best as compared to face to face learning saying students are able to ask questions anytime, they discuss questions with their friends any time they want.

“Unicaf has been a centre for attraction because of nature of our programme. We try as much as possible to support students when it comes to providing electronic learning education.

“Students as they register they are provided with a tablet, we are well prepared with the program.” Said Kayange.

One of the students Neva Ronald Nayeja said he highly praise the University for initiating online lessons saying the online allows him to have ample time, to be flexible to do other work and to access information at any time.

 “There are so many benefits, student is allowed to interact with international students, we look on the nature of how you are going to study as so flexible because you study on your own time.

I have been dividing my time to work during the day, and doing assignments during the night, the syllabuses are international and the nature of payment is also distinctive. ” said Nayeja.









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