Youths Vows to Access Loans in Salima

Youth surrounding Demera Primary School of Traditional Authority Maganga In Salima district have pleaded with Salima Central Constituency Aspirant Joshua Chisa Mbere to open extra opportunities for youth, to access loans when put in power after the 2019 barometric election

in an interview with CRS News, youth do not have opportunity to access loans at the council hence they are to empower Joshua to be their voice at the council so that youth will be independent Well-Rashid Salaf said.

When concurring to what youths said, Titus Mgadamika said they want to empower Joshua with a strong hope that he will help a lot of people and he will develop many areas.

Though Mgadamika has worked with Gerald Kapiseni Phiri recently he has not explained why he has damped MCP but strongly support the promises of Joshua’s political vision.

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