All set for Hosanna International Church conference


By Blessings Kapina – Mana

Hosanna International church has organised prayers called ‘ Celebrate God Conference’ to commence on 15 to 16 February at Mwenyekondo Primary School in Lilongwe to celebrate the good things God has done for Malawi.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency (MANA), founder and pastor of Hosanna International Church, Daniel Manyowa, said as a country, Malawi needs to thank God for the peace, rains , crops, freedom of worship, natural resources among others.

“God has done a lot and will continue to do good things to the nation, society and individuals hence we have to thank Him,” Manyowa said.

Furthermore, he said they want people to be healed, delivered, set free by the atmosphere of worship that will be created by the teachings and singing during the conference.

“When you worship, glorify and praise God, His glory comes down and the sick are healed, the broken hearts are mended and breakthroughs and victories are manifested,” he said.

He also added that the conference is open to everyone to celebrate for whatever God has done and even to thank God in advance.

In another interview, one of the speakers, Apostle of Remnant Church of Jesus, Mike Chisale said that the conference has been organised to bring together all children of God so that they can hear the word of God as they celebrate.

The event will be spiced up by musicians from Malawi and South Africa as well as motivational speakers such as, Apostle Phokela Mokasi, Mike Chisale and Pastor Daniel Manyowa.

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