Number of people attending the gathering to be limited in adherence to Covid-19 restrictions.

As the year comes to an end the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church through its leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has announced that the 2021/2022 Crossover Night will be held at Malawi Square, Umodzi Park in Lilongwe on December 31st.

The ECG leader announced at a press conference in Lilongwe, according to Bushiri, the Crossover Night is an annual church event which brings together all ECG members across the world with an aim of finishing a year and beginning a new one with their leader.

“This year, the event is set to replicate its history of gathering tens of thousands; however, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, ECG Church as a law-abiding institution that respects the health of its people will limit the gathering within the dictates of government regulations,” said Bushiri.

The event is one of the largest spiritual gatherings in religious circles. It’s on record to have filled Africa’s largest soccer cathedral, FNB Stadium in South Africa, with over 120,000 people in attendance in 2020 and preceding years.

It doesn’t need a rocket science to notice and appreciate the event as it is also one way of increasing revenue for the country when people will fly from around the world to attend the event in the country.

In the past years, the event had been taking place in South Africa where Bushiri was based.

Described as one of Africa’s largest spiritual gatherings in religious history, the ECG Crossover Nights have been described by economic experts as one of the continent’s largest religious tourism ventures.

In his remarks the major Prophet assured that they will limit the number of people attending the gathering as an adherence to set Covid-19 restrictions.



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