ECG founder Prophet Sphered Bushiri Launches this year’s Salvation Festival in Salima District

Preaches Happiness upon receiving Jesus Christ

Prophet Dr Shepherd Bushiri Leader of Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church Launched this year’s Salvation Festival in Salima district together with multitude of church followers and many others in attendance.

The festival was organized to celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born in their hearts as Lord and Savior of their life.

Faces of crowd of people assembled at the event were clearly telling a story, not just a story but a story of how happy they are with event graced by Major 1 a Leader and founder of the Church.


Speaking at the event with his glorious voice and unshakable with the heart of relaying on God only Major 1 preached the Message of life and victory by saying God’s time is the best.


Major told the gathering that the event was only organized to spread good news as Jesus crucified for the sins of the nation.

“We have come here to tell you this good news that Jesus died on Friday and resurrected on Easter and he is no longer in grave the same thing can happen to you, we were born humans dead in a fresh but when received Jesus we become arrive in the spirit, you can today come arrive in a spirit, what a joy! it has nothing that will cost it just matter of your mouth and with your heart to believe and confess that I have received Jesus, as of me and my family am not ashamed to tell the whole world that I received Jesus Christ’’

According to ECG founder Prophet Dr Shepherd Bushiri he decided to initiate the annual festival so that members can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in them through baptism.

“We hold this event every year and this year it is here in Malawi. It is amazing that other religions have annual festivals to celebrate their faith but we didn’t so, we are taking a lead. The goal is to preach to the world that we are happy that we received Jesus Christ,” he said.

The event was planned to accommodate 7000 foreign delegates but due to Covid-19, the number was reduced to 1 500.

The event also initiated with several activities, besides music performances by several known names in the gospel music sector in the country, dances, sporting activities, baptism and sharing word of God lodged at the festival.

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