Holy Singers Choir in Fundraising drive

By Esnath Kalawe – Mana.

One of a Church Singing group from Chimbalame CCAP of Nkhoma Synod in Lilongwe Popularly known as Holy Singers Choir, last month embarked on a fundraising drive through sweeping exercise in residences as a way of sourcing funds that will aid in recording their first album.

Pertaining to one of their 2020’s new year’s resolutions, the choir was to record a first album, but financial constraints has been one of the challenges that dwindled them to achieve their dreams.

Holy Singers choir has 18 dedicated men and women, started as a family singing group in 2017 which was singing only on Wednesdays during community gathering prayers known as (Mapemphero a la chitatu ).

 After showcasing their songs during main service congregation, their talent attracted many members to join the choir reaching to 18 in total. 

Chairperson of the Choir, Lucius Lamion told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that they have embarked a sweeping exercise as a fundraising drive to source money that would aid them in recording their songs that would be played via diverse media platforms. 

“We are lacking funds to help us recording our songs in CD. We want our songs to reach out to many people as we can, in and outside our church as well as all denomination that someone might belong to.” He said.

Lamion pointed out lack of support from well-wishers in and outside the church saying on several occasions they have been approaching some members of the Church but no avail saying that was why they came up with the sweeping exercise idea, starting with existing members in the church.

“We have just embarked doing piece work like the sweeping in residences of CCAP members around this community, after sweeping they give us any amount of money they want, without charging them. 

“At least we realized that a lot of people are aiding us with what they have as compared to the past arrangement that did not work, we organized Choir festival, but since government restricted public gatherings of over 100 people as a precautionary measure to covid-19, to contain the virus.” He said.

Speaking on behalf of the Church Minister, Church Elder, Alfred Kachipapa admits aware of the programme saying the Church has been announcing this during congregation services hence appealing well-wishers to lend a helping hand with any financial aid.

“They approached us seeking for assistance, but because the Church is also meeting financial hiccups we failed to assist them accordingly.  We had no objection but to give them a go ahead, to proceed with their program, and that’s why you are seeing them doing the sweeping exercise in a bid to fundraise their Choir,” he said.

The Choir is expecting to raise  K500,000.00 which will aid  in  buying uniform and recording their first CD which comprises songs like Ambuye ondipulumutsa, Mundimvere mbuye wanga, Dzikoli la mavuto and Ndani walandira yesu among others songs.

Chimbalame CCAP is located in Mtandire location in Lilongwe and is one of the location disproportionately affected by more challenges in poverty levels as compared to other zones in the city.



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