Living Waters calls the youth to Salvation

By Blessings Kapina

Area 23 Gologota Living Waters Church, Home of Flying Eagles, is encouraging young people to repent from their evil ways for the betterment of their lives as well as the nation.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) in Lilongwe on Saturday, the Pastor of Home of Flying Eagles, Boniface Mwamonje said young people are vibrant and active as such they are supposed to be born again to help build Malawi and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

“When young people are involved in the things of God they experience his mighty power and in the end their lives become transformed and blessed abundantly.

“We need young people who are educated and God fearing to help in advancing the development of our country,” Mwamonje said.

He said the devil knows that the youth have a bright future so he makes sure that they are perverted and misled so that whatever God has promised to do in their lives should not come to pass.

He added that many youths today have been robbed of their blessings and joy by Satan because of their reckless living so when they repent the devil will have not any advantage on their ignorance to destroy them.

“Repentance is to move from the world of being in the darkness to the world of being in the light where you have sight and the devil cannot deceive you therefore young people need to humble themselves and begin to acknowledge Jesus in their lives,” he said.

He further said that it is pathetic that Satan has destroyed and killed many young people who could have been of great help to the nation and the church.

“As a church we are encouraging and ministering to the youth so that they may come to Christ and make Him their Lord and saviour so that they may be beneficial to the nation and the kingdom of God,” he said.

In a separate interview, one of the youth members, Yobe Kasimba said ever since he began to serve God he has experienced great things in his life and he does not regret making his decision of doing God’s work.

“I really thank God for his greatness in my life because without his intervention in my life I could have been the waste person and eventually I could have died long time ago in my sinful acts.

“I encourage all my fellow youths who are not bornagain to accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour and I believe their lives will never be the same again and they will be saved from any destruction of the devil,” Kasimba said.

As a Church they are continuing encouraging and helping young people to humble themselves to the supremacy of God through their different activities.


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