By Rodney Majawa – Mana

A Cuamba CCAP delegation from Niassa Province in Mozambique paid St. Columba CCAP of the Blantyre Synod a four-day visit which started from Friday last week to strengthen partnership between the two Presbyterian churches.

Speaking Sunday during a communiqué signing and church service, Moderator of St. Columba CCAP, Rev. Raynold Mangisa, emphasised the need for the two congregations to co-exist with each other.

“The 2018 to 2023 partnership period with Cuamba has not only induced exchange visits. The partnership has also seen spiritual and moral transformation,” said Rev. Mangisa.

During the visit, the Cuamba CCAP delegation shared testimonies with the host church on how the partnership benefited the Mozambican side and revived their souls after many years of their country’s civil conflicts.

“We are more than inspired and thrilled by their testimonies that despite numerous problems they encountered over the period, they are eager to borrow a leaf from the way we run affairs of the church,” Rev Mangisa said, adding it was impressive to learn Cuamba CCAP congregation is growing and embarking on building a more spacious prayer house.

Cuamba CCAP Presbytery Clerk Rev. Petros Salimu, who led the three-man delegation, hailed the St. Columba-Cuamba ties, saying the warm reception in Blantyre testifies of the true and strong bonds between the two.

He highlighted various achievements Cuamba CCAP has made and what the congregation plans to accomplish in the next three years.

Salimu said the church in Mozambique will strive to grow after learning many things from their sister church in Malawi, adding that St. Columba achievements are worthy cherishing and emulating.

“Our visit to Malawi this time is not a mere visit excavation. This is a visit to learn from our sister church ways of running church affairs and St. Columba remains a true spiritual mirror and cross- border partner,” Salimu added.

During the committee reports presentation, chairperson for St. Columba CCAP Partnership Committee, Marion Kauta, said St Columba believes in cultivating unity of purpose among church committees and deepening accountability and financial prudence in managing financial resources.

“None works in isolation; each one of us supplements the efforts of the other,” she explained, adding that St. Columba Church also considers Sunday school as another important base of spiritual growth of the church.

She told the visiting delegation that St. Columba also engages in charity work by reaching out to the needy, basing on biblical commandment of ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’.

Representatives of Cuamba CCAP have visited St. Columba on a learning visit three times since the partnership established in 2018 while St. Columba CCAP has also visited Mozambique more than once.

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