'It wasn't a case of "look at this kid", it was "sign this kid"': Ex-Manchester United scout reveals they ignored his pleas to sign Christian Pulisic years before Chelsea snapped up USA star

Former Manchester United scout Jorge Alvial has revealed that the club ignored his pleas to sign Christian Pulisic when he was a teenager.

Pulisic has showcased his credentials for Chelsea with some excellent performances following his switch from Borussia Dortmund.

However, United had the opportunity to sign Pulisic when he was younger, with Alvial having been aware of the progress that the winger was making in Germany

‘I still have a video from when he was 13, right before I took him to Chelsea, that his father sent me,’ Alvial told Manchester Evening News

‘I was watching it the other day and he is doing the same things right now at the higher level just so much better. Even back then he was so much better than anyone else.

‘I knew how well he was developing in Dortmund and he was just going to keep coming up, and become a superstar because he was doing very well.

‘I have always believed in him, I have always kept close contact with his father, and I called him to say I was recommending him to Manchester United.’

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