The Premier League's new look revealed… just 300 people allowed into stadiums, press conferences on video call and VAR staff at Stockley Park spread out across different rooms

On Tuesday night, the Premier League sent out its first draft of protocols for each stadium to its clubs when the competition returns later this month.

What follows is subject to change, but provides a clear indication of how the nation’s venues will look when the action resumes.

Officials have proposed the following maximum limits:

  • 20 players per club (18 in the squad and two on standby)
  • 12 members of medical and coaching staff
  • 10 directors and executives from each club

There would be a referee, two assistant refs, a fourth official and another in the stand. The first draft also reveals that plans are in place for VAR staff to be based across separate rooms at their Stockley Park headquarters.  

Additionally, it outlines proposals for pre and post-match press conferences to be held via a videoconferencing platform. The plans would also see a substantial reduction in the levels of media present. 

The host broadcaster would be allowed 98 staff inside the stadium and 75 off-site. While that seems a big group, it is well down on normal numbers, which are usually into three figures. 

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